Monday, April 1, 2013

Wind Walker Spring Collection

"Gear for the restless who walk out into the windstorm."

Wind Buffalo Bag
Maple brown vinyl rounds the hull, while vanilla white vinyl drapes down both sides. Obsidian snake vinyl slithers up both ends. Charcoal black rings end the points, allowing for an attachable strap. Inside you find clover green polyester lining with four pockets at the base. Running along the opening is a track of gold zipper teeth. Shooting over the front ends, a champagne gold snake vinyl flap for some security. The bag is made to wear in multiple ways, over one shoulder or two for backpack wear. In a backpack position, the horns interlock and allow for strap free wearing.

Air Nomad Coat
Smoke grey fleece paired with soft snow fleece insulate and sit lightweight when worn. Vinyl straps hold three bronze clips that secure the detachable hood of snow. Dividing the front is a bronze zipper, just below a pair of clips at both ends of the collar. Flipped over dots two swirling wooden buttons. The large collar can be worn in, up or wrapped across.

Sky Bison Armor Shirt
Glistening golden and bright, the long sleeves of this stretch gold polyester form well over a figure. Rounded at the neck, lingering below the hips, and light as a feather. Also reversible, to show the black polyester facing.

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* Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender series

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