Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All I Want Is A One Piece Handbag

One Piece character Luffy inspired hipsling-bag. I just made that up right now. But I'd say that pretty much said it. "Hand-crafted, multifeature, character themed handbag; including an attachable clutch purse and lockable hardware clips." Now that, is saying it with some style.

-Red, blue and yellow cotton.
-Black pleather
-Tan denim
-Yellow fleece
-Tan polyester
-Red satin

-6 pockets
-detachable clutch purse
-3 lockable clips
-sling strap

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome to CSMelon!

Why melons?
- "I'm paraphrasing here but, 'I just thought it would be some cold blooded stuff to say to someone before I blew their mind.'."

What should we expect to see from CSMelon?
- "Something you haven't seen before, at least, not done like this anyway."

How do you go about designing?
- "I don't go by any straight pattern or design exactly. I envision what I want and then work from there with many mixed mediums. Inspiration follows and finally I turn an idea/element into something else. It's like magic."

About how long does it take to complete a project?
- "The time depends on readily available materials and complexity of the piece."

Is your work for sale? If so, how much?
- "When I'm not working on personal projects, I work by commission and charge by the piece. I believe each project merits it's own worth once completed."

I have an idea for a project I want to commission you for.
- "Send an email my way with your ideas."

Who produces your videos?
- "I produce the Melon bags as well as all the Melon promo videos. Music is chosen from my favorite artists and groups."

Who are the models you feature in your videos?
- "Many are friends, family, or even people I randomly meet."

I'd like to promote a Melon bag for a video.
- "I'm always looking to add talent to the team. Shoot me an email with some info about yourself."

Can I Follow you or Like you?
- "You can follow us on Facebook. I currently do not have a Twitter, but soon."

A personal message to viewers?
- "I'll apologize in advance, sorry for the wait."