Monday, October 29, 2012

Scarlet Handbagson

Animalistic fur creeps onto alien gloss and blood red eyes. It almost tends to condensate, gentle and ferocious with a belly that opens up to soft gushy insides...wait, let me start from the beginning. The skin is smooth black vinyl with ruffled red stretch polyester lining. An invisible red zipper runs along the belly, meeting a pair of glossy black bamboo handles. The head is made of black vinyl, with a dash of polyester fur growing at the edges. Eight ruby colored jewel eyes line the front of the head, as well as eight dangling tentacle legs which protrude from the sides. A ring lies at the front and back of the head for an adjustable white vinyl strap. Like a web that shoots out from the end of the belly, it links to the rings via a lockable clip. There are six pockets, one large main pocket hidden between two medium and three smaller pockets. Plastic grating reinforces the inside of the bag and head. You can almost see it breathe and it's keen to smelling fear.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Time For A Black Widow Handbag

A Black Widow inspired handbag with an adjustable strap for backpack wear. "Shiny, sexy and soft on the inside."

-Black vinyl
-White vinyl
-Red stretch polyester
-Black polyester fur

-6 pockets
-2 bamboo wood handles
-3-way adjustable strap
-8 red jewel eyes
-8 vinyl legs

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Gru is a pair, Three is a crowd

This guy started out as a little yellow bean of fleece, then gradually adding some polyester overalls and a pair of goggle-eyes, it sprouted to life. The eyes are felt cups filled with an eyeball and a quite elastic pleather strap. Arms of fleece hang off to the sides, while a felt mouth complete with a set of teeth is slapped on the face. Lastly, a pair of pleather gloves and boots made for a squeaky clean lab assistant. I ended up making a pair of  these Minions. His clone had only one large eye and a scared mouth though.

Luffy Vuitton

Yellow, red, and blue cotton make the hat, vest, and shorts. The hat is a zipper pocket, flipped over reveals the three-button vest complete with two vest pockets. The backside of the vest is made of red silky smooth satin. Between the two lies the detachable pleather clutch purse. The clutch is lined with soft yellow fleece and it's zippered. Two small silver-plated wreathes conceal the magnets that attach the clutch to its body. Three pleather straps secure all layers together with a pair of gold clips and one black. For the base, I used tan polyester for the skeleton. Blue tie-dye cotton for the shorts and a red bandanna cotton filled the inside. The tie-dye blue shorts hide a pair of pockets reinforced it with some pleather. A zipper at the top secures the body closed. The back of the bag is wrapped with red satin, and lined at the edges with a white denim strap. A  cushion of yellow fleece rides along the strap. Red polyester ribbon, some glue and iron work touched up the hat. The Luffy handbag is born.