Monday, April 1, 2013

Wind Walker Spring Collection

"Gear for the restless who walk out into the windstorm."

Wind Buffalo Bag
Maple brown vinyl rounds the hull, while vanilla white vinyl drapes down both sides. Obsidian snake vinyl slithers up both ends. Charcoal black rings end the points, allowing for an attachable strap. Inside you find clover green polyester lining with four pockets at the base. Running along the opening is a track of gold zipper teeth. Shooting over the front ends, a champagne gold snake vinyl flap for some security. The bag is made to wear in multiple ways, over one shoulder or two for backpack wear. In a backpack position, the horns interlock and allow for strap free wearing.

Air Nomad Coat
Smoke grey fleece paired with soft snow fleece insulate and sit lightweight when worn. Vinyl straps hold three bronze clips that secure the detachable hood of snow. Dividing the front is a bronze zipper, just below a pair of clips at both ends of the collar. Flipped over dots two swirling wooden buttons. The large collar can be worn in, up or wrapped across.

Sky Bison Armor Shirt
Glistening golden and bright, the long sleeves of this stretch gold polyester form well over a figure. Rounded at the neck, lingering below the hips, and light as a feather. Also reversible, to show the black polyester facing.

Thanks for stopping by.
* Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender series

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rolling Into Spring

The Icebreaker Baby Game:
Have you ever been to that party that just had so much potential to be fun, but everyone was just too shy or too drunk? Well that's not how your next party is going to be. Next time, you'll have help from an Icebreaker Baby.

-Make a circle with your friends, facing inward toward the center of the circle.
-Everyone plays sitting or standing.
-Toss the baby to anyone in the circle.
-Ask them 3 questions
1) What do you think of this toy, using one word?
2) What is your name?
3) What is your favorite song/movie?
-Put your hands behind your back and tell the one with the baby to toss it at someone new.
-The one with the baby answers the 3 questions and the previous holder asks them.
-Keep it going until everyone has held the baby.

Bonus Round: If this doesn't lighten the mood, have everyone tackle the last person with the baby.

Let me know how it goes.
Good luck at your next party!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pocket Science

A mew clutch from the Spring catalog. That's all fur right meow.
Twelve inch Doraemon inspired clutch purse.
Smooth white vinyl skin, soft admiral blue polyester lining, and scaled black vinyl. Two compartments, eight credit card slots, one magnetic closing pouch, and one phone slip-pocket. A solid blue zipper stitches the mouth shut. Dangling from braided yarn swings a bright gold bell. Acrylic cat detail on both sides, one hungry mouth and the other a satisfied.

- white vinyl
- black vinyl
- blue polyester
- black yarn

- 2 sections
- 8 card slots
- 1 magnet pouch
- 1 phone slot

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Minnie Gaga

Her bright red sapphire bow bounces lightly over her luscious ruby lips. Pin-striped business runs down the lines of her back, but hides the untamed animal within. Shimmering above her crown arches a black python. Her eyes full of love and mystery. A true diva. Or maybe just a mouse. Snow white vinyl canvases her face, below, black and silver pin-striped polyester and cotton. Cheetah print polyester lines the inside. Bright red satin wings extend out for the bow. Black polyester fur and vinyl round the ears and heart-shaped lenses. Acrylic detailing fulfills the lips and lashes. Deep black metal clips link a snake print vinyl to the crest. A fuzzy polyester nose protrudes from the center, shadowing a tiny beauty mark.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Little Boy Blue

The cats outta the bag.
Our first up is the round bag, an ivory and sky blue quilted fleece fur head coupled with white vinyl eyes, acrylic eye and whisker detail. A round red polyester nose squeezes in between. Ruby satin rolls down the mouth, dark black polyester drapes into the throat. A bun of orange polyester rests at the bottom complete with an acrylic dangling uvula. Red polyester secures a luminous gold bell. A dark blue cotton strap swings out and a light blue polyester dives into the lining.
Next is the tote bag, a cyan dimpled fleece body with an ivory quilted fleece fur body and belly pouch. White vinyl bubbles out the top with a pair of black acrylic pupils and whiskers to match. Red polyester dot his nose and flick his tongue. Collaring his neck runs a red polyester ribbon hoisting a bright golden bell. Baby-blue polyester lines his gut. Deep blue cotton straps extend from the top.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Use The Four Seashells

I kicked it with my bros the other day.
Three-tier tree shaped turtle bodies, one side a short furry green polyester and the other a vibrant lemon design laid across lime cotton. Sporting a black yarn belt, secured by a silver medallion. The belt carries a turtle shell button. An assortment of polyester wraps around the peak. Two acrylic eyes and a ninja is born.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Scarlet Handbagson

Animalistic fur creeps onto alien gloss and blood red eyes. It almost tends to condensate, gentle and ferocious with a belly that opens up to soft gushy insides...wait, let me start from the beginning. The skin is smooth black vinyl with ruffled red stretch polyester lining. An invisible red zipper runs along the belly, meeting a pair of glossy black bamboo handles. The head is made of black vinyl, with a dash of polyester fur growing at the edges. Eight ruby colored jewel eyes line the front of the head, as well as eight dangling tentacle legs which protrude from the sides. A ring lies at the front and back of the head for an adjustable white vinyl strap. Like a web that shoots out from the end of the belly, it links to the rings via a lockable clip. There are six pockets, one large main pocket hidden between two medium and three smaller pockets. Plastic grating reinforces the inside of the bag and head. You can almost see it breathe and it's keen to smelling fear.