Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rolling Into Spring

The Icebreaker Baby Game:
Have you ever been to that party that just had so much potential to be fun, but everyone was just too shy or too drunk? Well that's not how your next party is going to be. Next time, you'll have help from an Icebreaker Baby.

-Make a circle with your friends, facing inward toward the center of the circle.
-Everyone plays sitting or standing.
-Toss the baby to anyone in the circle.
-Ask them 3 questions
1) What do you think of this toy, using one word?
2) What is your name?
3) What is your favorite song/movie?
-Put your hands behind your back and tell the one with the baby to toss it at someone new.
-The one with the baby answers the 3 questions and the previous holder asks them.
-Keep it going until everyone has held the baby.

Bonus Round: If this doesn't lighten the mood, have everyone tackle the last person with the baby.

Let me know how it goes.
Good luck at your next party!

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