Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Minnie Gaga

Her bright red sapphire bow bounces lightly over her luscious ruby lips. Pin-striped business runs down the lines of her back, but hides the untamed animal within. Shimmering above her crown arches a black python. Her eyes full of love and mystery. A true diva. Or maybe just a mouse. Snow white vinyl canvases her face, below, black and silver pin-striped polyester and cotton. Cheetah print polyester lines the inside. Bright red satin wings extend out for the bow. Black polyester fur and vinyl round the ears and heart-shaped lenses. Acrylic detailing fulfills the lips and lashes. Deep black metal clips link a snake print vinyl to the crest. A fuzzy polyester nose protrudes from the center, shadowing a tiny beauty mark.

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