Sunday, December 30, 2012

Little Boy Blue

The cats outta the bag.
Our first up is the round bag, an ivory and sky blue quilted fleece fur head coupled with white vinyl eyes, acrylic eye and whisker detail. A round red polyester nose squeezes in between. Ruby satin rolls down the mouth, dark black polyester drapes into the throat. A bun of orange polyester rests at the bottom complete with an acrylic dangling uvula. Red polyester secures a luminous gold bell. A dark blue cotton strap swings out and a light blue polyester dives into the lining.
Next is the tote bag, a cyan dimpled fleece body with an ivory quilted fleece fur body and belly pouch. White vinyl bubbles out the top with a pair of black acrylic pupils and whiskers to match. Red polyester dot his nose and flick his tongue. Collaring his neck runs a red polyester ribbon hoisting a bright golden bell. Baby-blue polyester lines his gut. Deep blue cotton straps extend from the top.

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